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Fallow buck package hunt in Gyulaj (National Forestry) 2017.
20 September – 30 September
6 November – 28 February
General information about the hunting area:

Size of the field: 29.000 ha

Accommodation: In hunters’ lodge (I. Class)

Program opportunities: Winetasting in Apponyi wine cellar
                                 Thermalspa in Dombóvár
                                 Theme Park in Bikal
Weight of trophy (kg)
Package price
Refund in case of unsuccessful huntRefund in case of wounding
Price for non huntin person
 (with accommodation and boarding)
3,01 - 3,50 kg1.820 EUR1.665 EUR830 EUR85 EUR
3,51 - 4,00 kg2.700 EUR2.565 EUR1.280 EUR85 EUR
The package includes:
  • 1 Fallow buck
  • 3 hunting days
  • 1:1 Hungarian guide-hunter
  • 2 nights in I.class hunters’ lodge with full board
  • Jeep
  • Trophy part and judgement

The package does NOT include:
·  Any other services and wild species and over the contractual trophy will    be paid based on the valid price list of Gyulaj Co.
·  Hungarian hunting licence: 100 €
·  Trophy transport (if needed)
·  Telephone, bevarages
In case of the professional hunter’s mistake the trophyweight bigger than the contractual trophyweight, the guest hunter have to pay the contractual price.

1.  Day: Arrival in the morning

2 – 3.  Day: Hunting with full board

4.  Day: Hunting in the morning
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