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Driven hunt package offer in fenced area (East-Hungary/National forestry) 2017.
General information about the hunting area:

Type of the field: fenced area!

Size of the field: 550 ha  

Accommodation: in hunters’ lodge (I. class)

Average size of trophies: 20 cm

Program opportunities:
- Hortobágy National Park
- Aquaticum Thermal Spa (Debrecen)

Package price:
165 EUR / day / hunter

+ Shooting games
(tusker, sow, pig, piglet):
260 EUR/pc

The wild boar drive hunts, both in the open and fenced areas, are well known for the amount of boars shot. In a 500 ha fenced area fallow deer are right next to wild boars, which enriches the hunting experience.

In the two wild boar fenced areas, each about 500 ha, single hunters can shoot boars with tusks of 23-25 cm. On a driven hunt 5 – 6 hunters should be able to shoot 50-60 wild boars with many of them having tusks over 20 cm.

Other costs:
  • Hungarian hunting license: 60 EUR
  • Accommodation, boarding: 115 EUR/day/person with full board
  • Jeep: 1,5 EUR/km
  • Trophy part and judgement: 30 EUR/pc
  • Trophy transport (if needed)
  • Transfer between the airport and hunting area
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