West-Hungary - 4 day - Faller Jagd Hungary

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Four day driven hunt for 12-18 hunters in West-Hungary

Package price / Person
The package is available from 12 hunters.
  • In case of more than 50% of the bag is female deer, You get 15% discount.
  • Above 15 hunters, You get 15% discount.
The package includes:
  • Lunch
  • Participation fee
  • Jeeps
  • Trophy part and judgment
  • Shooting prices

The foxes are not added for the number of bag.
    • Wild boar
    • Female red deer, female fallow deer
    • and female mouflon
    • Fox

The foxes are not added for the number of bag.

Other costs:
    • Hungarian hunting licence
    • Other services  
    • Accomodation, boarding

Possible itinirary:
2 driven hunts in the forenoon
Lunch in free area or in hunting lodge
1 or 2 driven hunts int he afternoon 
The area has 63,000 ha since the 1st May 2007, which makes it one of the largest hunting areas in Hungary. The forestry department runs nine separate hunting areas. There are six hunting lodges available for clients which are furnished with all comforts.
The three hunting areas (Monostorapáti, Keszthely, and Balatonfüred) lie to the north of Lake Balaton and are hilly. The other six areas are situated in the Bakony Forest, the two areas of Pápa and Devecser are all flat terrain. The hunting areas in Farkasgyepű, Bakonybél, Ugod and Bakonyszentlászló are in the High Bakony Forest and are 650-700 m above sea level.
These large forested areas offer good drive hunts for wild boar, and amongst these areas Ugod is particularly well known for this. All hunting manners are possible, though hunting from a horse and cart has a special attraction. The hunting lodges in their romantic settings offer non-hunters good recreational value.

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