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 Driven hunt in West-Hungary (National Forestry)
 From 7 hunters
Size of the field: 77.000 ha

Accommodation, boarding: In hunters’ lodge ( I. Class)

Season: 01 November – 31 January

Package prices / group:
The package includes:
  • Organization costs
  • Participation fee
  • Games
  • Jeep
  • Dogs

Shooting games:
  • Wild boar
  • Female red deer
  • Fox, Gold jackal
Foxes and gold jackals are not added for the number of bag.

Other costs:
  • Hungarian hunting licence: 100 EUR / hunter
  • Accommodation, boarding: 95 EUR/hunter/day with half board
  • Transfer

Each further service used are to be paid according to the valid price list of Zalaerdő Zrt.
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