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Abnormal fallow buck hunt in South-Hungary (National-Forestry)
I would like to recommend fallow buck hunt in the world-famous Lábod hunting area in the rutting season and in autumn and winter too. In the fallow deer population you can find a lot of buck with abnormal trophy, so I almost guarantee to shoot abnormal fallow buck.

In Lábod hunting area lives the biggest fallow deer population in Hungary. The hunters shoot about 100 – 150 bucks in a year. The favorite hunting methods are stalking and waiting up on high seats, but there is possibility to use horse cart too, which provides special hunting experiences. Three I. class hunters’ lodge located in this big hunting area, where excellent forest relaxation is available for those, who need active resource.
Trophy weight (kg)EUR+ EUR/10 gr
- 1,99 kg450-
2,00 - 2,49 kg800-
2,50 - 2,99 kg1.100+ 7
3,00 - 3,49 kg1.450+ 13
3,50 - 3,99 kg2.100+ 24
4,00 - 4,49 kg3.300+ 48
4,50 kg - 5.700+ 64

50% of the shooting price based on the estimated weight of the trophy.

Female fallow deer: 90 EUR

Fallow deer fawn: 60 EUR

Other costs:
· Each further service used and each further game shot are to be paid
  according to the valid price list of the hunting area
· Organization costs: 50 EUR/hunter
· Jeep: 1 EUR/km
· Trophy part and judgement: 30 EUR/pc
· Accommodation and boarding
· Individual guidance: 15 EUR/hunter/day
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