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Female deer, Mouflon and Wild boar hunt with bow in North-Hungary
(National Forestry)
Season: 01 October - 31 January
Field: free or fenced area (1200 ha)
Games: Wild boar, Mouflon, Red deer, Roe deer

Accommodation: in hunters’ lodge or hotel

The highest hunting area in Hungary is in the Mátra Mountains, north-east of Budapest. The 27,745 ha hunting area lies 300-1000 m above sea level, and the stony and rocky cliffs offer moufflon an ideal habitat.
Each year around 90 moufflon rams are shot, mostly in the open area. Because of the mountainous terrain, the trophies of the red deer stags are of a moderate quality. Most of the roe deer live in the lower hunting areas. It is also possible to hunt in a fenced area. Wild boar and moufflon can be hunted in a 1,200 ha fenced area.
The hunting area (22,821 ha) is in the western part of the Bükk Mountains. The altitute lies between 300-900 m above sea level. 90% of the area is forested with mainly oak and beech trees. Due to the geographical conditions the biotope of the area is poor therefore the trophy quality is also poor. Red deer, roe deer, moufflon and wild boar can be found in the area.
Apart from the hunting in the open areas, it is also possible to hunt for wild boar and moufflon in a 300 ha fenced area. The Villa Negra guesthouse lies in one of the most beautiful valleys in this mountain region and has 9 double rooms with bath. There are also other hotels and guest houses nearby.
Shooting rate
Red deer hind120 EUR
Red deer calf90 EUR
Roe doe, Kid40 EUR
Mouflon ewe, Lamb80 EUR
Sow (Tusker up to 11,95 cm)170 EUR
Pig (20-49 kg)120 EUR
Piglet (up to 19 kg)60 EUR
Wounding: 50% of the shooting rate
Lenght of tusks (cm)EUR+ EUR/mm
- 11,99 cm300,--
12,00 - 13,99 cm400,-+ 5,-
14,00 - 15,99 cm500,-+ 12,5,-
16,00 - 17,99 cm750,-+ 20,-
18,00 - 19,99 cm1.150,-+ 27,5,-
20,00 - 21,99 cm1.700,-+ 35,-
22,00 cm - 2.400,-+ 50,-
Tusker wounding: 300,- EUR
Other costs:
  • Hungarian hunting licence: 60 EUR
  • Accommodation, boarding
  • Jeep: 1 EUR/km
  • Organisation: 50 EUR/Bowhunter/day
  • Other shooting rates and services will be paid
    based on the valid price list of Egererdő Co.
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