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Hunting areas
DALERD Forestry Company
ForestryHunting areaFenced areaHunters'Lodge/ ClassRoomAirport
Ásotthalom5.200 ha690 ha
(Wild boar)
Ásotthalom/ Class II.
3 DR
1 Ap.
Budapest 187 km
Derekegyház5.220 ha-Derekegyház/ Class I.
11 DR
2 SR
Budapest 165 km
Gyula8.250 ha670 ha
(Fallow deer)
Sarkad-Remete/ Class I.10 DRBudapest 221 km
Biharugra5.500 ha-Sarkad-Remete/ Class I.10 DRBudapest 221 km
The 24,000 ha of the Délalföldi Forestry is an expertly game management area. This area has the most important fallow deer population in Hungary. Fallow deer have been found for several hundred years on both sides of the river Fekete-Körös in an area of 11,000 ha. These fallow trophies are particularly prized due to their special antler formation. The characteristic features of these trophies are the short but thick points, the palm is wider than normal, the colour of the antlers is dark and often you find abnormal growths on the inside of the palms. This area is considered an important gene pool by the government. This proves the importance of this fallow deer population.

The DALERD Forestry Company has four hunting areas in Békés and Csongrád Counties. The whole hunting area of Ásotthalom, Derekegyház-Tompahát, Gyula and Biharugra is 24,000 ha. This area not only preserves the genes, but also offers local hunters and clients from overseas the possibility of hunting stags either in single hunts or shooting parties. Apart from the excellent deer stalking, there is also classical walked-up shooting for partridge and pheasant. Fishermen are also welcome; you will find extremely big and special fish.

Game species: fallow deer, wild boar, roe deer, hare, pheasant, partridge, wild duck
Yearly bagRed deerFallow deerRoe deerWild boarWild boar/
fenced area
Wild pheasantPartridgeHareWaterfowl

Avarage size of trophies:
Fallow buck:                     3 – 4,5 kg
Roe buck:                     300 – 600 gr          
Wild boar:                       14 – 18 cm
Wild boar in fenced area:         20 cm
Smallgame shooting prices (take-away):
-   Pheasant:          18 EUR / pc
-   Partridge:          22 EUR / pc
-   Wild duck:         15 EUR / pc
-   Wild goose:       30 EUR / pc
-   Rabbit:              40 EUR / pc
Other costs:
-  Hungarian hunting licence: 45 EUR
-  Jeep:  1 EUR / km
-  Accomodation: 67 EUR/ day with full board 

Program opportunities:
- Gyula Castle SPA
(Medicinal baths and Aquapalace)
-   Gyula Castle
-   Almássy Mansion

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