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Hunting areas
Egererdő Forestry Company
ForestryHunting areaFenced areaHunters' Lodge/ ClassRoomAirport
Mátra27.800 ha1.550 ha (Mouflon)Hotel or guesthouse-Budapest 95 km
Bükk6.600 ha285 ha
Villa Negra/ Class I.9 DRBudapest 150 km
Northern Hills6.600 ha-Keserű/ Class I.
1 DR
2 triple room
Budapest 160 km
The Egererdő Forestry Company manages the forestry in 72,000 ha in part of the State forest in the Northern Middle Mountains as well as in a smaller state forest in the lowlands, which belong to the Alföld (Great Hungarian Plains). The hunting area has three different geographical parts: the Mátra Mountains, the western part of the Bükk Mountains and the south-western part of the hill country of Heves-Borsod.

About 51% it is a nature conservation area, which has a vital impact on the management. The forestry runs a game management project in three areas of 57,000 ha: in the northern hills, the Bükk mountains and the Mátra mountains.

The wildlife of these exceptionally geographically diverse areas includes almost all game species. The mouflon stock is one of the largest populations in Hungary and the quality of the rams is outstanding in national comparison, while the wild boar population is also sizeable
At the moment the Forestry Company manages two fenced areas for wild boar and moufflon in the Mátra and the Bükk Mountains, and plans to build two additional areas.

Games species: red deer, roe deer, mouflon, wild boar, fallow deer
Yearly bagRed deerMouflonRoe deerWild boar
Wild boar/ 
Fernced area
Northern Hills904075260-
Avarage size of trophies:
Stag:                               4 – 8 kg
Roe buck:                  200 – 300 gr
Ram:                           60 – 85 cm
Tusker:                       14 – 20 cm              
Tusker in fenced area:   20 -24 cm
Program opportunities:
-  Thermalspa in Parád
-  Eger wine region, winetasting

-  Forest railway (Szilvásvárad, Gyöngyös, Felsőtárkány)
-  Castle of Eger
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