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Hunting areas
Gyulaj Forestry Company
ForestryHunting areaFenced areaHunters' Lodge/ ClassRoomAirport
Tamási7.800 ha7.800 ha
(Wild boar and fallow deer)
Óbíród/ Class I.11 DR
2 Ap.
Budapest 185 km
Pincehely6.200 ha-Kisszékely/ Class I.6 DRBudapest 150 km
Hőgyész8.300 ha800 ha
(Wild boar)
Szálláspuszta/ Class I.
4 DR
Budapest 190 km
Németkér6.500 ha300 ha
(Wild boar)
Kistápé/ Class I.4 DRBudapest 135 km
The company manages 24,000 ha of woodland in Tolna County, 50 km south of Lake Balaton between the rivers Kapos and Koppány. The main field of activity of the company is the traditional forest and game management. The game management profits from the excellent biotope for the game population. On the hunting side the fallow deer population achieved world recognition as in the last 30 years many world record trophies were shot.

The unique transdanubian landscape of the north and south Tolna, with its colourful woodland panorama, is managed by the Gyulaj J.S.C. The transdanubian mixed forests with their richness of colours offer an excellent biotope for the red deer, wild boar and roe deer that live here.
In the last two hundred years the Gyulaj Forest has rightly become famous for hunting. The priceless national treasure of the forests is the fallow deer population, with regards to their numbers as well as the quality of their trophies.
Gyulaj is mainly world famous for its excellent fallow deer. Shooting a fallow buck in the rut, in the glorious autumnal forests, is for every hunting guest an unforgettable experience. In winter we offer successful and enjoyable stalking, high-seat and shooting parties with the possibility to shoot red deer hinds and wild boar. The 7,800 ha hunting area is fenced.
In Óbíród there are two hunting lodges for guests with a total of 11 double rooms with bath, 2 apartments, a small bar, an elegant hall and dining rooms. The hunting lodges impress with their high quality furnishings and the excellent service.

Högyész is the home of big red deer stags and of driven wild boar hunts with excellent bags. In September, red deer stags with an antler weight of over 10 kg are often shot, but it is also possible, with a permit, to shoot smaller stags. Guests are also welcome to shoot red deer hinds in winter. Their wild boar drive hunts - are unforgettable experiences for the guests and the expectations of either small or large groups are always excelled. The proportion of boars is often very high. Szálláspuszta Hunting Lodge in Högyész. 1 apartment, 4 double rooms with shower. 1st class. A beautiful hall and an elegant dining room.
Csibrák Hunting Lodge in Csibrák, 7 double rooms with bath or shower. 1st class. A hall and an elegant dining room.
Annafürdö Hunting Lodge in Lengyel. 2 double rooms, 1 single room. 2nd class.
Both Szálláspuszta and Csibrák Hunting Lodges have wonderful views of the landscape and in September one can hear the stags roaring, even inside the rooms.
Game species: fallow deer, wild boar, red deer, roe deer
Yearly bagRed deerFallow deerRoe deerWild boar

Avarage size of trophies:

Fallow buck:                     2,5 – 4,5 kg
Red stag:                             6 – 12 kg
Roe buck:                        200 – 400 gr           
Wild boar:                          14 – 18 cm
Wild boar in fenced area:    20 – 22 cm

Program opportunities:

- Tamási Thermal SPA
- Wine tasting in Szekszárd
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