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Hunting areas
KEFAG Forestry Company
ForestryHunting areaFenced areaHunters' Lodge/ ClassRoomAirport
Kelebia11.450 ha-Sáskalapos/ Class I.5 DRBudapest 166 km
Császártöltés11.630 ha-Hotel or guesthouse--
Bugac10.010 ha-Bugac/ Class I.6 DRBudapest 118 km
Kerekegyháza6.230 ha-Hotel or guesthouse--
Nyíri-erdő2.800 ha
1.235 ha
(Fallow deer)
Hotel or guesthouse--
Fenced area
680 ha
680 ha
(Wild boar)
Sáskalapos/ Class I.5 DRBudapest 166 km
The hunting grounds of KEFAG are located in the middle of the country, on the sand hills of the Danube-Tisza interfluvial region. Most of the 43,000-hectare area is covered by forest, while the rest is agricultural land.
Hunting grounds of Bugac: the finest fallow buck trophies of the past years have all exceeded 4 kg. The best gold-winning trophy so far weighed 4.42 kg; the fallow buck was shot in 2002.
Császártöltés hunting ground: this territory, with almost 80% forest coverage, is home to an excellent genetic pool of red deer. Most of the trophies judged weigh 7–10 kg, but some even exceed 11 kg.
Dél-Kiskunság Forestry hunting ground: in the October rutting season colossal fallow bucks can be bagged. Over 70% of trophies earn gold.
Kerekegyházi and Nyíri forest hunting ground: the quality and quantity of wild boar is considerable in the area and the longest tusks exceed 20 cm.
The area is suitable for stalking and ambush as well as successful wild boar hunts.

On the wild boar drives of the Tinójárás preserve (Mélykút) 50–80 animals are bagged on average.

Game species: fallow deer, red deer, roe deer, wild boar
Yearly bagRed deerFallow deerRoe deerWild boarWild boar/ Fenced area
All in KEFAG F.C.165800375800300
Avarage size of trophies:                   
Stag:                                  6 – 10 kg
Fallow buck:                         2 – 4 kg
Roe buck:                      200 – 400 gr
Wild boar:                       14 – 18 cm
Wild boar in fenced area:     0 -22 cm
Program opportunities:
-  Thermalbath in Kecskemét
-  Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park
-  Halas Lace Museum in Kiskunhalas
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