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Hunting areas
NEFAG Forestry Company
ForestryHunting areaFenced areaHunters' Lodge/ ClassRoomAirport
Pusztavacs 9.000 ha
500 ha
(Wild boar, fallow deer)
Pusztavacs/ Class I.6 DRBudapest 55 km
Mikebuda/ Class II.4 DRBudapest 48 km
Karcag-Apavára5.000 ha-Karcag-Apavára/ Class II.7 DR
1 SR
Budapest 150 km
On the grounds of NEFAG, visiting hunters have excellent opportunities to shoot small and big game alike. The company manages approximately 33,000 hectares of state-owned forest in the southern parts of Pest County as well as forested areas throughout the territory of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County. Two hunting grounds offer excellent shooting possibilities.
The 9,130-hectare Pusztavacs-Mikebuda grounds have big game stock of excellent quality. Fallow bucks of exceptional trophy quality can be bagged in the area. Hunters can also shoot wild boar and roebuck. In the case of wild boar and fallow doe, there is the option of big game chasing and driving.
The Karcag-Apavára hunting ground (5,010 hectares) offers organised hunts primarily for small game. The roe population, however, is also of good quality. The 600-hectare forest along the Karcag-Püspökladány main road offers protection to the roe population in winter. It is also ideal for pheasant and mallard rearing. This is the favoured sandpiper shooting location of local hunters.
Game species: red deer, wild boar, fallow deer, roe deer, small game: pheasant, mallard, hare
Yearly bagFallow deerRoe deerWild boar
Wild boar/
Fernced area

Avarage size of trophies:
Fallow buck:                       2 – 4,5 kg
Roe buck:                       200 – 500 gr
Wild boar:                         14 – 16 cm
Wild boar in fenced area:     20 -21 cm

Program opportunities:
- Thermal Spa and Leisure Center (Cegléd)

- Bagolyvár wildlife park (Szolnok)
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