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I am connecting with a lot of great fields. Some of these fields have individual price list, as a result please ask me for further information.

The professional hunter diagnoses the weight of trophy before the shooting. In case of bagging a trophy game (with exeption of wild boar) the guest hunter has to accept a difference of a +-15 percent (%) in comparison to the trophy size specified in the hunting contract.
Our guest can shot only with the professional hunter’s permission.

Roe deer
Weight of antlers (gr)EUR+EUR/gr
- 199 90
200 - 25090+1,04
251 - 300141+2,42
301 - 350262+4,03
351 - 400464+8,47
401 - 450888+12,93
451 - 5001534+17,76
501 - 2422+22,20
The weight of the trophy, as basis of the invoicing, will be determined after 24 hours at site, after boiling of the skull i.e. frontal and nasal bones and septum , using of a calibrated measuring device. Upon request trophy can also be weighted resp. Charged with the full skull. In this case the hunter accepts the trophyy’s weight estimated by comisson (on a par 90 grams).
Wounding: 50 % of the shooting price based ont he estimated weight of the trophy.
Shooting rate of doe,kid:  35 EUR
                     wounding: 15  EUR
Our prices include Value Added Tax (VAT).
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