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Roe deer
Hunting seasons
Roe buck: 15 April – 30 September
Doe, kid: 1 October - last day of February

Recommended hunting season
For buck: 15 April – 15 May
15 July – 31 August (during the rut)  
Doe, kid: 1 October – last day of February

Roe deer can be found throughout Hungary. The best bucks are located in the Great Hungarian Plain.
According to official estimates about 320.000 pieces live in our country. The annual bag is 80.000 pieces, whereof about 32.000 pieces are bucks.
The most favourite hunting method is the stalking with jeep, which can incorporate with normal stalking even waiting up on high seat. These methods can use in the spring or during the rut and substance control hunting of doe and kid. Nowadays hunters often use roe deer calling, when they imitate different sounds of doe or kid.
You can combine the summer buck hunting with pigeon and wild duck hunting too. Furthermore the spring buck hunting can combine with wild boar hunting in the evening.
The Hungarian roe buck trophies are among world leaders, which evidence the high quality of Hungarian roe deer. Great experience can be the doe/kid hunting in the winter time.

International credit:
Bronze:       105,00 – 114, 99 IP
Silver:         115,00 –  129,99 IP
Gold:          130,00 IP –

Some excellent roe buck trophies from Hungary
30 % of the first fifty buck trophies on the present world rang list are Hungarian trophies.

Martonvásár1965766 gr
228,68 IP
ex-world record
Földeák2002843 gr207,80 IP
Napkor2005736 gr205,92 IP
Martfű2005776 gr202,92 IP
Napkor2004810 gr214,65 IP
Árpádhalom2002682 gr208,13 IP
Álmosd2005708 gr170,32 IP
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