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I am connecting with a lot of great fields. Some of these fields have individual price list, as a result please ask me for further information.

The professional hunter diagnoses the weight of trophy before the shooting. In case of bagging a trophy game (with exeption of wild boar) the guest hunter has to accept a difference of a +-15 percent (%) in comparison to the trophy size specified in the hunting contract.
Our guest can shot only with the professional hunter’s permission.

Small game
GameShooting priceIf taken away
Europien hare35 EUR6 EUR
Goldsakal50 EUR-
Wild duck14 EUR2,5 EUR
Wild goose35 EUR7 EUR
Semi wild duck10 EUR2,5 EUR
Wood pigeon2,5 EUR0,5 EUR
Partridge22 EUR-
Participation fee in small game: 50 EUR/hunter/day

Pheasant driven hunt: (5-10 hunter)
(English style or normal)
Participation fee: 50 EUR/hunter/day
0 - 200 pcs17 EUR/pcs
201 - 500 pcs18 EUR/pcs
501 - 1000 pcs19 EUR/pcs
1001 pcs - 20 EUR/pcs
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