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Bowhunt in South-Hungary
Size of the field: 12.000 ha

Games: Wild boar, Roe deer, Fallow deer, Red deer

Accommodation: in Hunters’ lodge ( I. class)

Tógazda Hunting Association has been founded in the year 2007.
The farming territory of the company is located on the eastern part of county of Somogy, and on the western border of county of Baranya, at the feet of southern Zselic.

We are performing our activities on the territory of 12 thousand hectares; our annual bag is 900 pieces of big game. Our hunting offers cover the whole season from the hunting of roe buck in springtime, through unforgettable fallow stag hunting, until the wild boar driven hunt January. Of course, the most expected event of the year is the „Red stag rut”, when we have the opportunity to add to the reputation of this area with our professional farming.

We are expecting our dear guest with our well prepared professional staff and an excellent vehicle fleet. We sincerely hope, that you will have unforgettable hunting experience in our hunting area.

GamesShooting pricesWounding
Female red deer
(Hind, Jinnock)
110 EUR55 EUR
Red deer calf75 EUR37 EUR
Female fallow deer80 EUR40 EUR
Fallow deer calf50 EUR25 EUR
(from 50 kg and
Tusker up to 11,95 cm)

300 EUR150 EUR
(20 - 40 kg)
150 EUR75 EUR
(up to 19 kg)
65 EUR30 EUR
Roe buck
Trophy weight (gr)EUR+ EUR/gr
- 249 gr190-
250 - 299 gr200+ 1,9
300 - 349 gr295+ 3,9
350 - 399 gr490+ 10
400 - 449 gr990+ 14
450 gr - 1690+ 30
Wounding: 50% of the shooting price based on the estimated weight of the trophy
The weight of the trophy, as basis of the invoicing, will be determined after 24 hours at site, after boiling of the skull i.e. frontal and nasal bones and septum, using of a calibrated measuring device. Upon request trophy can also be weighted resp. charged with the full skull. In this case the hunter accepts the trophy’s weight estimated by commission (on a par 90 grams).
Length of tusks (cm)EUR+ EUR/mm
12,00 - 13,95 cm400-
14,00 - 15,95 cm600-
16,00 - 17,95 cm700+ 20
18,00 - 19,95 cm1100+ 35
20,00 cm - 1800+ 55
In case of broken tusks under 12 cm with an animal of more than 2 years of age, the price is 350 EUR.

Tusker wounding: 250 EUR

Other costs:
    • Hungarian hunting licence: 65 EUR / hunter
    • Jeep: 1 EUR / km
    • Tractor: 15 EUR / hour
    • Horsed carriage/wagon: 20 EUR / hour
    • Individual guidance: 20 EUR / hunter / day
    • Accommodation, boarding:    
      95 EUR / day / hunter with half board in single room
      85 EUR / day / hunter with half board in double room

The “Tógazda” Safari Hunting Lodge was built on a 100 hectares fishing lake. This brand-new hunting house, provide an amazing atmosphere, with a nice collection of trophies from all over the world and luxurious rooms as well.
We have wide range of wellness offers too, such as: Finnish sauna, Turkish sauna, massage and the best (but not the last) is the Jacuzzi at the surface of the lake.
We can advise our fresh fish and game specialities, typical Hungarian dishes and delicious wine collection.
We kindly recommend those services not only for hunters, but for anybody.
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