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Hunting seasons:
Mallard, Coot: 01 September ­- 31 January
Beangoose, White-fronted goose: 01 October ­- 31 January

Hungary is a hunting paradise, because it has unique facilities for waterfowl hunting. From waterfowls the mallard can be shot, but only 8 pieces/day/hunter.
Our guests like hunting for semi-wild duck, because the bag is not limited.
The nightly mallard hunting can combine with coot hunting during the day.

The beangoose and the white-fronted goose can be shot from the goose, with 4 pieces/day/hunter limitation.
Danube, Drava, Tisza and the large fish ponds (Tata, Hortobágy, Biharugra) provide excellent possibilities for waterfowl hunts.
The most suitable weather for the goose hunting is the foggy, because the gooses fly lower.

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