Zalaerdő Zrt. - Faller Jagd Hungary

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Hunting areas
Zalaerdő Forestry Company
ForestryHunting areaFenced areaHunters' Lodge/ ClassRoomAirport
Bánokszentgyörgy22.700 ha-
Szentpéterfölde/ Class I.
Márki/ Class I.
6 DR
6 DR
Graz 245 km
Graz 170 km
Lenti24.000 ha
330 ha 
230 ha
(Wild boar)
Olgamajor/ Class I.
Pusztaapáti/ Class I.
13 DR
7 DR
Graz 145 km
Graz 148 km
Letenye13.000 ha-Budafa/ Class I.6 DRGraz 152 km
Zalaegerszeg8.560 ha 
210 ha
(Wild boar)
Sohollár/ Class I.5 DRGraz 161 km
Nagykanizsa5.600 ha
210 ha
(Fallow deer)
Obornak/ Class I.6 DRGraz 173 km
Zalaerdő Forestry Company owns five forestries that manage wildlife over a total area of 75,000 hectares. The Zala county landscape consisting of enormous, continuous blocks of forest, interspersed with farmland and vineyards, provides an excellent habitat for big game.

The area encompassing the Nagykanizsa – Bánokszentgyörgy – Szentpéterfölde – Letenye and Lenti – Zalabaksa region has been pronounced by the minister of agriculture as a special designation area, aimed at genetic preservation of the Zala red deer population. The stags in this area reach an age of 14-16 years when their enormous antlers obtain the biggest size. This area has the highest proportion of gold medal trophies in the world. Sixteen of the 50 world-ranking red deer stag antlers were bagged in Hungary, and four of those came from Zalaerdő Zrt.'s territory. Roe and fallow deer also live in the Zala forests.

Wild boar is another important game species that can be hunted in the open field or in game preserves on the forestry's territory.
Game species: red deer, roe deer, wild boar, fallow deer
Yearly bagRed deerFallow deerRoe deerWild boarWild boar/
Fenced area
Avarage size of trophies:
Stag:                                     5 – 14 kg
Fallow buck:                         2 – 3,5 kg
Roe buck:                         200 – 350 gr
Wild boar:                           14 – 18 cm              
Wild boar in fenced area:       20 -22 cm
Program opportunities:
-   Hévíz Medical Spa
-   Badacsony wine region, winetasting
-   Lake Balaton
-   Hunt Museum in Festetics Palace (Keszthely)
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